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Whether your goal is contamination control, filtration, starting and implementing a oil analysis program or combination of any or all of the above; a Lubrication Management Program designed by Heartland Technologies, Inc. can help you target those areas where you see improvement needed.

Your equipment will last longer and run more efficiently.  Your labor force will spend less time on routine lubrication-related maintenance and no time on lubricant-related failures.  You'll reduce over-all consumption and waste.  Making you Greener!


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Contamination Control



The best Lubricant Management Programs focus on contamination control.  Proper filtration is critical in reducing particulates to dramatically extend the life of the lubricant while decreasing the number of lubricant-related failures.

High-Performance Lubricants



Texas Refinery Corp's line of High-Performance Lubricants far exceeds the performance of conventional lubricants in a wide variety of industrial and mobile applications due to highly refined base stocks and innovative additives.  

Lubrication Management



Why Fluidall?  Fluidall is the most innovative and fastest-growing fluid storage solution manufacturer in North America.  By providing the best fluid storage solution that maximizes functionality in a user-friendly manner, customers have trusted Fluidall for their fluid storage needs for nearly 25 years.  No other tank and equipment supplier offers the value that Fluidall offers its customers.

Condition Monitoring



As an integral part of a World Class Lubrication Reliability Program, we help our customers increase operational efficiency while reducing the costs associated with lubrication contamination, misapplication and waste.