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We offer Products and Services to Protect Assets, to Save Money, and to Increase YOUR Profits.

We offer lubricants and automatic lubrication systems for heavy equipment machinery, and for equipment
​and components for all manufacturing, transportation, maintenance, and industrial applications.
Without intervention, all machines will eventually fail.  Every failure has a direct or indirect impact on your company's bottom line. Through Reliability-Centered Maintenance or RCM, our strategy, then, is to attempt to understand failure modes in order to identify interventions that will avoid that result.  This requires that you manage your lubricant condition to ensure that the correct lubricant, the right amount, and the right frequency be optimized for your equipment and environment.  This in turn is a huge ROI for considering us in setting you up with a program on managing your lubricant needs.
Saving time, and resources while increasing your equipment reliability is our mission.